What's on your mind?

Probably, you've been walking around a while with that great idea. A house like no one has ever seen before. A house that can become real one day. Today might be that day.

KrusemanKaandorp visualizes your dream, so you can take the right steps to built it. It will never become our house, but always YOURS. Of course, we add things, we take things out, we will show you alternative solutions. But our aim is only to inspire you, to make your idea the greatest of all.

1. You and your idea

In our first meeting we'll talk about anything, but especially about YOU. Who you are, how you live, what is the relationship with your family and friends, how do you want to work, relax, enjoy? Why do you want to take this next step in your live?

Of course we will also talk about your idea. Tell us all about it. Show us references, the place you have in mind, all the details that are so important for you.


2. Debrief

Within two weeks we'll send you a debrief. It contains a list of requirements and some rough ideas or a moodboard. The debrief is our perception of the way you want to go. The debrief also gives details about planning and budget, so we both know what we can expect. 

After your approval of the debrief, we start with designing the concept.


3. Concept Design

In this step we develop the main outline for your house. We design the structure, the floor plan, the way it suits the environment. We define the functions, the number and type of rooms, the garden, the materials we would like to use. We'll even fit an interior in it.

We'll present you the Concept Design in 3D, so you can 'walk' through your house and see it from as many different points of view as you like. Then, of course, we need your feedback to shape it where needed and make it a 100% fit for you. So you'll be ready for the final step: building your dream.


4. Building your dream

In this step, we bring you in contact with people that can really build what you and we have created together. People who can draw the architectural details, define the construction and calculate the costs. We also recommend contractors and help you to organize the necessary permits. During this step, we will be your consultants, to help you to really realize what you want.

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